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Gasoline or Diesel Vehicle Engine Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics help you to decrease downtime and repair costs.  The best systems will allow you to interface with the engine computer of a vehicle in your fleet or the fleet of your service provider in order to obtain comprehensive diagnostics information. The ultimate goal of this tool is to pinpoint vehicles with excessive speeds, unscheduled stops, inefficient gas mileage, and excessive idle times. 

This information then allows the client to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for their business.  This trend is really starting to catch on across the shipping and delivery industry, and the results can be quite surprising.  Most people discover that they can make some significant changes to streamline their business and improve their productivity. 

Remote diagnostics generate valuable information that allows fleet managers and clients to be notified instantly when a problem occurs.  GPS-only products do not include remote diagnostics analysis, so make sure to look for a provider that gives you all the tools you need to maximize your potential.  What can you expect from remote diagnostics?  For starters, You can get alerts via email with diagnostic reports and coding that will give you a description of any existing problems.  Technicians can then begin their analysis and make adjustments immediately instead of wasting valueable time trying to figure out what is wrong.  Catching problems early can save time and money.

Another feature is GPS-calculated speed.  This averaging technique helps to monitor averages of fleets to better organize the safety and performance of a work crew.  With gas prices playing an increasingly important role, fuel efficiency is key for many businesses.  A large percentage of overall operating costs for delivery fleets is spent on fuel.  Remote diagnostics let you monitor the fuel efficiency of your vehicles.  Review the mileage of your fleet with charts and graphs, and take care of any additional maintenance on poorly performing vehicles early on to increase efficiency.  This will save a lot of money in the long run.

One more very valuable feature of remote diagnostics is the ability to monitor idle time across your fleet.  This tool lets you compare driver and vehicle performance.  Idle time is an important indicator of driver behavior and efficiency.  Catching any discrepancies and suspicious actions will serve to better regulate a business. 

Close monitoring of each vehicle helps set goals and standards for your drivers.  Lower your company's idle time and cut down on wasted fuel and man-hours.  You can enforce company policies and maximize fuel savings by getting the best of an honest fleet with productive drivers that are being held accountable.  You can find out more about GPS tracking and remote diagnostics online.

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