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User Management - Flexibility to Manage Your Fleet

The user management function of Networkfleet GPS Vehicle Management System provides you with the freedom and flexibility to manage your company’s fleet of vehicles. You can set up and control the system access privileges for your staff members based on the type of data they need to do their jobs.

With Networkfleet GPS Vehicle Management System grouping tool, you can group your vehicles by geographic location, depot, sales manager, customer routes and others. The groups in your vehicle management system can be created to match your company’s organizational structure. For example, you can set up your system in groups by area, district, depot and individual drivers. The drive time data, fuel usage, idle time and driver hours can be used to analyze sales results for individual drivers and overall sales results for each depot. The filtering feature allows you to pinpoint the data that is relevant to your business requirements and then eliminate any unneeded information. 

By using the user management access feature of Networkfleet GPS Vehicle Management System you can set the user access privileges for each employee giving them access only to the data they need and prevent them from accessing confidential or personal data regarding an employee or depot.

Employee access can be set up so that employees can have access to one or more groups based on your specifications. New employees can be set up in the vehicle management system at any time in a matter of minutes. In addition, if an employee leaves your company, you can terminate their access privileges immediately.
Networkfleet GPS Vehicle Management System allows users to access vehicle location data and run location reports for each vehicle. It allows users to view diagnostic data and run diagnostic reports for each vehicle. The reports are simple and easy to run with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Networkfleet GPS Vehicle Management System is a web based system that uses wireless technology. There is no software to be installed. And, you will never have to upgrade your software. Our web based system will automatically download system upgrades directly to your computer. There is no training required. The system has a built-in tutorial and help features to assist your employees. You can access your company’s vehicle management system from any computer that has Internet access. Installation and maintenace of your system is provided by Central Valley GPS.


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