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Reporting – Comprehensive Reporting System for Tracking Drivers and Vehicles

The reporting feature of Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System tracks a driver’s work and drive time hours throughout the day.  You can track where your drivers are located and how much time they spend with each customer right from your office computer.  The reporting feature also protects your drivers in emergency situations.  The customizable reports can document delivery times, vehicle maintenance schedules and monitor a driver’s vehicle speed.  Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System reports will increase driver productivity and monitor the vehicle maintenance of your entire fleet.

With Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System drive time report you can monitor actual drive time, vehicle speed, total mileage and the number of deliveries made in a day for each driver and vehicle in your fleet.  Fuel reports will give you data and information you need to reduce your fuel costs.  Geofence reporting will identify vehicles that violate restricted areas.  The report contains detailed information on each vehicle that commits a geofence violation.  Idle time reporting monitors the idle time for each vehicle.  The report will show if a driver is not shutting off their vehicle at each stop.  The report will pinpoint the exact location and the length of time that a vehicle was idling.

Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System has an enhanced directional feature to identify where a driver is stopping and how much time they are spending at each location.  The report shows the customer locations, distribution centers, gas stations, warehouses, etc.  The reporting system allows you to monitor drive time hour violations for each vehicle in your fleet.  It will also monitor if a company vehicle is being used during non-work times for non-work related activities.  The reports can be cross referenced with time sheet records to verify accuracy.

The Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management reporting system will monitor vehicle speeds and record violations.  The reports will increase the safety of your drivers and lower your insurance premiums.  A detailed stop report is available for each vehicle.  This report details all driving activities.  The report shows the number of stops made per day, the location of each stop, the total miles driven per day and number of minutes spent at each stop.  All of the reporting features start at the beginning of the day when the driver starts the vehicle and records detailed information throughout the day until the vehicle is turned off at the end of the day.  Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System will help you to increase driver productivity, ensure driver safety, reduce fuel costs, monitor unauthorized use of vehicles, and increase customer satisfaction.

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