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Wireless Technology and GPS Combine to Produce Real Time Data Reports

Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System uses wireless technology and real time data to measure and report on the performance of each vehicle in your fleet that has been equipped with our system.  The system is easy to install on all vehicles and once it is installed, it will gather diagnostic data from the vehicle’s on-board computer system.  Then, using global positioning system (GPS) technology, the system will send your data using a wireless Internet connection to a web based program located on a computer system.  The computer system sorts through the data it received and sends the results to our secured website that you have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you have full access to your vehicles any time of the day or night.  You can set up customized email alerts to notify of vehicle maintenance and driver issues throughout the day.

Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System software will merge and report on the location of each vehicle and maintenance status of each.  This information is automatically sent from the unit inside the vehicle.  The vehicle management system can measure gas mileage, gas used and the speed of the vehicle.  You will instantly know if one of your drivers is exceeding the post speed limit signs.  You will also have a recorded maintenance database for vehicle to track the maintenance issues for each type of vehicle in your fleet.   Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System uses current Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to track the exact location of a vehicle and provides start to finish directions from one stop to the next throughout the day.

Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System has been designed so that it can be installed on all vehicles.  It can be installed on passenger cars, delivery vans, and light duty trucks.  It can also be installed on medium duty and heavy duty trucks.  The Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System is also being used by school districts to track the location and driving speed of school bus drivers.  Our system uses global position and wireless technology so it is easy to install in all vehicles.  There is no hardwiring required that would require it to be installed by the vehicle manufacturer. 

In partnering with financial institutions, Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System is able to offer competitive leasing rates and financing.  Our easy and quick application process and low cost financing services makes it easy for you to manage your fleet using high technology for a low price. 


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