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Data Integration – Compatible with Existing Application Systems

The data integration function of Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System allows you to integrate the vehicle reports and diagnostic reports for your entire fleet into other application systems that your company uses to track data and measure sales and operating costs.  The integration process is simple and the data is merged flawlessly using our web based technology.  For example, you can integrate vehicle mileage, drive time, fuel, and length of time spent at each location into other application systems used by your organization.  The feature will help you to measure customer service, delivery confirmations, the maintenance of your vehicle and your fuel costs.

Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System has an optional web service feature that is an easy and cost effective way to access the vehicle data for each vehicle in your fleet.  You can use this data integration function transfer your data information into all of your fleet service applications.  The web service feature gives you access to third party data information throughout the day and at the times you set up in the system.  Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System is frequently used to manage a company’s assets and fleet of vehicles.  The web service feature will integrate data into existing geographic information systems (GIS).

With Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System’s optional data connect service, you will have real time access and information when integrating data with your company’s other system applications.  Once the systems are connected, you can run reports and access information on the data contained in all of the systems.  You have the capability to control route and dispatching throughout the day. 

Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System’s data integration function automatically retrieves data from every vehicle in your fleet throughout the day.  Using wireless technology this data is automatically transmitted to your main system.  The system will automatically calculate the exact location of each vehicle including the street address.  This system will also determine the speed the vehicle is traveling, how much fuel is being used and how long the vehicle is sitting idle.  The Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System will notify you if there are any maintenance problems with the vehicle.  And, the system will provide door to door driving directions to you, the dispatchers and the drivers.  All vehicles in your fleet can be equipped with Central Valley GPS Vehicle Management System from passenger cars to heavy duty trucks.

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